Superdry Builders clean

img_1569Well, Superdry Berlin has come to an end, all works were completed with flawless delivery to the client..


The team after the final shift, looking like a good nights rest in order.. Well done guys!

This was not just a builders clean, but a sparkle clean and merchandising clean all rolled into one, the tight duration of the programme meant it was to the wire building it. The guys were on site for 3 weeks in total. Not just cleaning, but labouring whatever the client needed…


By the way…

We’ve just been informed were off to Verona and Barcelona possibly with Superdry, so it looks like this was not the last hurrah in Europe after all..

Could this be ICC’s last Hurrah in Europe…?

superdrySuperdry cash DeskThis November has seen us in Berlin..

One of our Clients has fitted out the biggest Super dry store in Europe.

We carried out the main builders clean and gave cleaning support during the merchandising of the store..


Graphic content Warning :-)
Graphic content Warning !




As you can see the German contractors had a relaxed attitude towards welfare facility cleanliness..

As you can see we go where others fear to tread..


spiral staircase
The retail space was full of high spec features requiring a gentle touch..

We are 2 weeks into a three week contract, More Photos will be added soon..

Shop-fit clean for 3 new stores in London

J.Crew: Brompton Cross
J.Crew: Regent Street
J.Crew: Regent Street

London was buzzing this November as US fashion retailer J Crew entered the UK market with 3 new stores in London, and at ICC Cleaning, we are especially proud to have played our part in ensuring that the openings were a shining success.

As specialists in shop-fit builders cleaning, we were contracted to clean up after the shop-fitters, who had done an outstanding job with 3 very different premises, but wanted the sparkle that only a professional cleaning contractor can give.

The work included the flagship store on Regent Street with over 16,000 sq ft of floor space on 2 floors, which was highly praised by the UK media. As the sole cleaning contractor to the 3 projects we were happy to hear words such as ” a faultless clean” among the complements paid.

Shop-fit Clean for J. Crew - Lambs Conduit
J.Crew: Lambs Conduit Street

Prior to that we did a shop-fit builders clean for J Crew’s menswear store on Lambs Conduit Street. Situated in a traditional nineteenth-century townhouse in Bloomsbury, in a much smaller space with traditional wooden floors and details within, this job couldn’t have been more different to the work at the other stores.

The most recent of these shop-fit cleans was the Brompton Cross store in South Kensington, which consists of 3 adjoining buildings over 2 floors. Brightly lit with floor-to-ceiling windows, a central staircase with glass panels, and all bare wood finishes throughout the the store (including the flooring), this showcased our skills in detailed cleaning of high class finishes perfectly.

For all 3 cases, we are pleased that the client was as happy with the outcome as we were. We would like to take this opportunity to wish J Crew all the best as they continue their expansion in the UK!.

Shop-fit Clean for J.Crew: Brompton Cross
J.Crew: Brompton Cross

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Builders Clean in London

Builders Clean London (before and after)

Brief: Builders Clean in London for Restaurant to include deep cleaning of kitchens

Location: London, WC2
Date: May 2013

This was a standard builders clean for a construction company that was working on a restaurant in Central London. The building work included renovations to the kitchen as well as the retail areas over several levels, and we had been asked to clean the entire site before handover.

Before and After Photos

The before and after pictures of the basement retail area (main image above), the first floor (below) and the kitchen (set of images on left and right at bottom of page) clearly show what difference our team made with this builders clean in London.

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Builders Clean in South London

Buiders Clean Before and After

Brief: Complete Builders Clean after Shop-fit

Location: Bromley, London SE20

Date: 3 Sept 2013

shelves and fridges after cleaningThis job was a very typical after builders clean in South London for a new convenience store of a nation-wide retail chain.

As often is the case in cleaning for shop fit handovers, the builders had left in a rush, and the floor was in such a state that you could hardly see the pattern on it. The before and after pictures above show what a vast improvement a clean from out team made.

From the floors to the fridges, everything was cleaned to meet the high standards our clients expect from us, and we the site ready for handover on time and in budget.

shop counter units after cleaning

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Builders Clean for a Large Retail Outlet

Large Area Floor Clean

Brief: Builders Clean for a well known retail outlet, including 2x coats of floor polish

Location: West Midlands, England

Site Size: 40,000 sq ft of retail space

[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]8 hours left until handover, the lights switch down to emergency lighting… [/pullquote]We could not overide the timer on the BMS panel to turn the lights back on. Phone calls were made, but at midnight, most had their phones off.

The issue was the large area floor polishing at the end of the job. If we got it wrong it would be awful in daylight and create a serious headache for everyone involved. As you know, when you’re handing over a project the floor condition can make or break your handover from the minute the client walks through the door!

We had to make a decision… Do we do it, or do we leave it..? No one would of blamed us for not carrying out the sealing of floors.

When you start floor polishing there’s no turning back – get it wrong, and it would cost ICC £1000 to rectify, but get it right, and medals would be handed out! This was a moment of truth, to see if the guys are good enough to seal the floors in such poor light, missing nothing, edging each run perfectly without overlapping any coats of seal.

Builder Clean of large floor areaWell, with headlights and torches strapped to their foreheads and mop poles, two coats were applied perfectly. The project was ready for handover that morning and 100% KPIs were attained.

The main client, knowing the problems after checking his answer phone messages that morning, was delighted when he turned up on site. You could see the relief and joy on his face. While he hadn’t brought any prizes to hand out, the MD of the construction company graciously took the team for breakfast instead…

– – –

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Refurbishment clean in London

Deep Clean Before and After

Brief: Restaurant over 2 floors in urgent need of a thorough deep clean

Location: Watford

5 Guys on site to include all BOH areas.

As can been seen from the before and after pictures  below, this site needed extensive labouring. We helped the client to cross the line..
Deep Clean Before and After

a photo says a million words…

Pre-opening Sparkle Clean in Birmingham

Retail Sparkle Clean in Birmingham

Brief: Sparkle clean prior to opening of a retail outlet

Location: Birmingham
Site Size: 40,000 sq ft retail space
Duration on site: one day

Summary Report:
Sparkle cleans, such as this one conducted prior to the opening of a new store, represent an increasing percentage of the work we undertake.
Sparkle cleans, such as this one conducted prior to the opening of a new store, represent an increasing percentage of the work we undertake.
  • All products were removed, cleaned and shelves wiped. Products were placed back in their precise position, working closely with the stores merchandising team.
  • All fixtures and fittings were also cleaned.
  • Carpets deep cleaned
  • Glass was re-cleaned
  • All welfare areas were cleaned and sanitized ready for the big launch.
  • A flawless handover for our client, helping them attain high KPI scores
Retail Sparkle Clean in Birmingham
Job well done!