Builders Clean in London

Builders Clean London (before and after)

Brief: Builders Clean in London for Restaurant to include deep cleaning of kitchens

Location: London, WC2
Date: May 2013

This was a standard builders clean for a construction company that was working on a restaurant in Central London. The building work included renovations to the kitchen as well as the retail areas over several levels, and we had been asked to clean the entire site before handover.

Before and After Photos

The before and after pictures of the basement retail area (main image above), the first floor (below) and the kitchen (set of images on left and right at bottom of page) clearly show what difference our team made with this builders clean in London.

the first floor before and after the builders clean in london

Cleaning the Kitchen

The kitchen required particular attention. Aside from the rubble left by the construction work, the floor and units still had grease from prior use. Luckily, this is nothing out of the ordinary to us – in fact we are known for helping restaurants to improve their standards of cleanliness, so a deep cleaning of kitchens such as this is a routine task for us.

4 pictures showing the premises before builders cleaning4 pictures showing the premises after builders cleaning

Notice the contrast of how it looked before (left) and after (right) it had been given a thorough deep clean by our team.

Needless to say, we were soon able to return the kitchen to a condition that not only gave the impression of being clean, but would also satisfy the hygiene requirements of the food safety inspectors

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